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Who We Are... 

K2 Consulting Partners (K2CP) is a Global Business and IT Consulting firm with a unique and innovative Consulting Model that enables us to offer our clients and partners unrivalled value in delivery. As one leading analyst has said in 2014:“K2CP have introduced the first major change in the consulting model for over 15 years”.

Who We Are 

K2CP was founded on a partnering model in 2014, and it is not by chance that “Partners” is part our company name. Currently, K2CP has 14 partner firms as part of our network, as well as a number of other key relationships, that allow us to staff up all our projects and programmes. However, K2CP is NOT an agency. We are a consulting firm that takes full ownership and responsibility for all our client work - we simply have a different employment model.

We refresh our partner firms regularly, but trust is a key component that must be in place for a new partner to become part of the K2CP network. All partners must be known by the K2CP team for a minimum of 5 years. This allows K2CP to maintain the trusting relationships that are fundamental to our success.

Scale . Value . Quality 

K2CP was built with 3 key principles: Scale, Value and Quality


We are one of the largest Business and IT consultants in the UK, maintaining 5,000 consultants globally, using onshore, offshore, and near-shore consultants. We have the ability to deliver globally with many success stories with multi-country projects and programmes. We are also able to provide consultants locally to a client who not only speak the local language but are also local nationals.

Scale is important as it allows K2CP to meet our client demands in both breadth of skills and experience needed, plus the size required for medium and large-scale programmes. Since inception we have only failed to meet a prospects demand once!

The scale of our team covers most sectors (see sector page), and a range of consulting skills covering:


·      Deep technical knowledge

·      Deep industry knowledge

·      Programme Managers

·      Project Managers

·      Change specialists

·      Architects – Enterprise, Solution and technical

·      Data and test specialists

This depth allows us to offer a range of services and capabilities to our clients 


Our partners model, and very low overheads, allows us to offer great value for our clients, which mean our rates are often 50% lower than the competition, and our total cost of a programme will be highly competitive.

In addition our consultants are very experienced; we do not believe in training a new K2CP consultant on a project. Typically, our team has 100’s of years experience as well as successfully delivering 100’s of similar projects and programmes. This helps guarantee success and build and maintain trust with our clients.

We also having the ability (unlike most other Associate based companies) to generate and share with our clients, compelling and insightful thought leadership with our clients.


It was important for us to build quality into our structure and not have it as an afterthought. The leadership team have all held senior positions at Accenture, Capgemini, Cognizant, Deloitte, E&Y, KPMG, PA Consulting, PWC and TCS. All our partners firms are known to CEO Mike Hunter personally (or by one of the K2CP leadership team), and he has worked with them for many years. Therefore, we know their quality standards and the quality of the work they deliver.

However, the true test of quality is around the ability to deliver successfully which leads to delighted clients. That is why we believe in Successful Delivery – Guaranteed. K2CP has had zero project and programme failures since inception and every invoice has been paid in full by our clients.

We are constantly looking for and adding to our pool of partners to ensure we “plug any gaps” in our capabilities. Our standards are very high, and any new partner must be known by Mike or one of the K2CP leadership team.

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Successful Delivery - Guaranteed 

K2CP has a track record of successful delivery with zero project and programme failures, and every invoice has been paid in full by our clients. This has led to consistent follow-on work from our satisfied clients. We are happy to share with our clients and prospects how we can guarantee delivery and add their success to the expanding K2CP references.

The key components to achieving Successful Delivery – Guaranteed include:


·      our experienced teams that typically have delivered 100’s of similar programmes

·      our teams and proposals that comprise everything that is needed for success, nothing is left out

·      our focus on process improvement and not just a technical implementation

·      our focus on providing independent Delivery Assurance into every large programme

·      a no blame culture that is focused on achieving programme success

·      our Triangle of Trust

·      our K2 Delivery Framework on ERP and/or transformation programmes

Image by Rohit Tandon
“We are a multi-billion-dollar global FMCG company with many major brands in Europe, US and Asia. We have used K2CP to supply senior and mid-level resources for a European wide ERP project.  Each resource supplied has been well-sourced to ensure at interview stage, there is likely to be a strong fit.  We have had good results with the teams provided by K2CP and will continue to use their services going forward when sourcing quality resources and teams” 
 - Thai Union European CIO
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