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ERP Consulting 

ERP K2CP provides end to end delivery capability across a variety of ERP platforms, including Oracle, Salesforce, SAP and Infor. This includes project management, subject matter experts in both products and most sectors, change and organisational readiness, IT architects, data and BI capability, and knowledge management. 



K2CP have considerable experience in supporting on-premise and cloud projects for Infor, Oracle and SAP, with over 2500 functional and technical consultants specialising in these packages.

K2CP brings ‘scale, value, and quality’ to our client's ERP transformation programmes. We have an exceptional track record (Successful Delivery – Guaranteed) and significant scale, particularly with Infor, Oracle and SAP. In addition, we provide programme and project managers, change management, data, BI, and test experts, as well as architects, training capability and industry experts across most sectors.

We offer services on a number of world class leading ERP platforms


What makes K2CP such a great partner to deliver your ERP programme?

K2CP are partnered with 3 of the largest packaged vendors in Infor, Oracle and Salesforce, whilst also having significant SAP capability. What makes K2CP such a great partner to deliver your ERP programme?

  • We have the largest Infor delivery capability in Europe

  • We are partnered with Oracle and we were shortlisted for 2020 Cloud implementation of the year for our successful 14 country Fusion implementation

  • We are a new Salesforce partner with over 2,000 salesforce consultants in our team

  • In addition, we have considerable experience in SAP, with the expertise to assist or lead SAP project recovery, upgrades and new implementations

Our 5,000 consultants worldwide, our in-depth knowledge and experience in implementing ERPs, our knowledge across both the private and public sectors, and the quality of our associates, accompanied by our high-value pricing model, make implementations much more affordable whilst ensuring sustained, measurable and impactful change.


Enterprise Business Systems Implementations

Whether you need full-scale ERP implementations or any other business systems implementations, including upgrades to the latest versions, our proven implementation methodology guarantees a successful process. We provide a step by step, systematic, organised implementation approach.

K2CP has its own proprietary delivery framework, K2DF (see tools and Techniques), that is the culmination of pulling together the experience from the K2CP leadership team who have delivered 100’s of ERP programmes working within most of the leading consulting firms and SIs, and with most of the major ERP’s including the Infor suite.

Our K2DF framework is not an over prescriptive methodology; it is a framework that allows consultants and teams with significant experience to work around the frameworks direction without stifling the vast experience brought by our delivery team. It is by using K2DF and our experienced consultants that we have had zero project and programme failures.

Our K2DF is focused on:

·      Process and business improvement not just a technical implementation

·      Embedding change into the client

·      Using standard Infor functionality

·      Fast realisation of value and benefit, often 30% faster than our competition

·      Having an experienced Programme Manager leading the team

·      Our Voyage of Discovery and exploring the 'Art of the Possible'

·      Ensuring that everything that is needed for success is included, including data,            test, change and Programme Management. Nothing is left out!

·      Taking Delivery Assurance seriously using one of our senior team reporting to the        sponsor, not the programme team

·      No commercial surprises

·      Our Triangle of Trust

·      Deploying a highly experienced team including local consultants as needed

·      Focusing on what success looks like and the “Champagne Moment”.


Image by v2osk

Whilst all K2CP programmes deliver on time, on budget and exceed client expectations with all our invoices being paid in full, unfortunately this is not always the case with other Infor partners. Many clients are left with a technical implementation or have used an implementation partner who doesn’t understand what success to the business really means. Consequently, K2CP also provide recovery capability through:

·      Programme Healthchecks

·      Programme recovery and value realisation.

We want all clients to feel the joy of Successful Delivery – Guaranteed, irrespective of where they start on the journey with K2CP. So we ensure that we can turn around and/or recover failed or failing implementations.

 Divisional President Legrand

"We have been working with K2 Consulting Partners over the past 4 years. In that time, they have been highly professional and effective, adding significant value across a number of important business areas ranging from business strategy to ERP technology. K2CP have been able to deliver in guiding us on what "good or great" looks like, process improvements in multiple areas, improving our use of our Infor solution, guiding the team through the 'art of the possible' in both process terms and the use of Infor, leading in various BAU firefighting activities, and providing guidance about our team's strengths and weaknesses. In doing this they have been highly flexible in their resourcing with call off contracts, focused reviews, through to full team and deliverable based contracts. I confidently recommended K2CP as a valued partner"
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