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Supply Chain

Supply Chain Optimisation 

Supply Chain Optimisation encompasses a range of services, tools and techniques that can be applied in any industry sector and across any supply chain from the simplest through to the most complex ecosystems.  The success of any Supply Chain Optimisation programme, however, is critically dependent on having the right blend of skills, expertise and experience, both functionally and technically, to deploy the necessary tools and techniques whilst fully leveraging the capabilities of your new or existing IT systems. 

K2 Consulting Partners, through our extensive partner network, can provide the exact blend of skills and experience that you need for successful delivery; whether as part of an IT system (e.g. ERP) implementation or optimisation programme or as an independent exercise, our supply chain specialists can help your organisation achieve profound and sustainable business benefits, deploying some or all of the following leading-practice techniques:


Supply Chain Strategy encompasses decisions on procurement, production, distribution and logistics to optimise efficiency, reduce costs and enhance customer satisfaction.  We will help you to develop a fit-for-purpose supply chain strategy which aligns with your business objectives and adapts to market dynamics to provide sustained competitive advantage. ​


Strategic Sourcing is a systematic approach to procurement that focuses on optimising purchasing processes to achieve long-term value and efficiency.  Our consultants will support you in analysing your suppliers, (re-)negotiating contracts and managing relationships to deliver a reliable, cost-effective supply chain. ​


Supplier Development involves actively collaborating with suppliers to enhance their capabilities, quality and performance.  We will support you in moving beyond your traditional, transactional supplier relationships, focusing instead on long-term partnerships to improve efficiency, innovation and overall competitiveness, in turn building a more resilient, mutually beneficial supply chain ecosystem. ​

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“Lean” Supply Chain focuses on minimising waste and maximising efficiency.  We will provide specialist consulting support in process improvement using “Lean” techniques, continuous improvement, just-in-time inventory management and in taking a “relentless” customer-centric approach to eliminate unnecessary costs and enhance value-add.

Supply Chain 

Supply Chain Transformation

Supply Chain Transformation is the process of maximising efficiency and minimising costs throughout the supply chain and harnesses all of the above tools and techniques.  We will support you in streamlining your operations, improving inventory management, enhancing collaboration with your suppliers and partners and leveraging your technology and data-driven insights to achieve a more agile, responsive and “adaptive” supply chain.

Why K2 Consulting Partners?

K2 Consulting Partners can provide all of the specialist support you need to guarantee the successful delivery of your Supply Chain Optimisation programme, including:

  • functional specialists in, for example, supply chain strategy, strategic sourcing or supplier development

  • business process specialists in your industry sector

  • specialists in your Supply Chain, ERP or eProcurement system, including SAP, Oracle, IFS, Infor, Epicor, MS365 and Blue Yonder.

We will also support you in those areas of your change programme that are often overlooked by our competitors but which we believe are critical to success, such as professional programme management and change management.  This “complete solution” approach ensures the delivery of profound and sustainable business benefits; it is important for our clients and essential to K2 Consulting Partners, as it firmly underpins our promise of Successful Delivery – Guaranteed.

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