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K2CP work with our clients to design technology enabled business transformation, be it focused on digital transformation or cloud application transformation – technology is the enabler to drive business change. 

Our approach focuses on aligning business and application strategy to identify business capabilities that require uplift and to then identify appropriate technology to deliver a roadmap for change.  We then design transformations that focus on how to enable data to be presented to uplift process capability across internal and external organisation stakeholder groups

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation: we help businesses to transform and respond to the changing market dynamics driven by digital opportunities and demand for different ways of interacting with stakeholder groups.


We help our clients:

  • Optimise stakeholder experience, presenting information and enabling interactions via multiple channels, embracing evolving technology

  • Design and deliver new channels for B2B and B2C operations

  • Change the mind set from long duration,  large scale change, to an iterative incremental change approach to drive improvement, while testing idea’s and innovation

Cloud Transformation

K2CP help our clients to build business cases, select and then implement modern cloud business applications, to enable growth and shareholder value to be realised. We work with our clients to:

  • Define how cloud business applications can address operating challenges, changes in business strategy or the competitive landscape

  • Select the most appropriate cloud business applications, designing transformation programmes to support front, middle and back office operations for our clients 

  • Deliver end to end cloud enabled transformations when powered by IFS, Infor, Oracle or Salesforce

Mountain Range

Support our clients to gain the benefits of their cloud platform during initial transformation, establishing cloud IT operating models to drive ongoing optimisation of business processes. This is enabled by ‘evergreen’ investment by the cloud application vendors chosen by our clients.

Endava CFO

“Excellent, really well done. We have hit our key programme deadline (SOX compliance) and the level of support post go live / issues identified during the Global Cloud implementation have been minimal – I have not heard of any concerns at all. An excellent job, well done. I am a very happy client”
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