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With over 2,500 Salesforce consultants, K2CP is one of the largest Salesforce partners outside the Global SI and consulting firms. We bring our capability and credentials of Successful Delivery – Guaranteed to all our projects and Programmes.

Within our Global Salesforce team we are able to help our clients on their CRM or Salesforce journey with support from both local resource and offshore consultants in both India and Vietnam. Over 70% of our team are Salesforce certified and these consultants are supported by our strong programme managers, change managers, CRM experts etc to deliver successful outcomes for our clients.

We are able to help our clients successfully improve their interactions and interventions with our Integral CRM approach – an extension of Salesforces own Salesforce Ignite.


Our work with clients can start in a number of areas as they embark on their CRM journey. Our consultants have experience in working with clients in:

  • Creating and agreeing Clients Customer Strategy

  • Improving Customer Experience Management

  • Creating and gaining approval for a CRM Business case

  • Conducting CRM Reviews 

  • Conducting successful Salesforce implementations

CRM Reviews

  • Implementation Healthchecks, including Programme Healthchecks, to help re-align a programme that has started to cause concern or is not meeting expectations

  • Providing ongoing Independent delivery assurance. We know how to deliver successfully but in some cases a client has already chosen a preferred Implementor. K2CP can provide much needed independent Delivery Assurance working with the client and the implementor to help guaranteed success

  • Where relevant we can also provide programme recovery capability to help a Programme get back on track and successfully deliver. This intervention can take on many different shapes and sizes of our input and recovery

  • Carrying out a CRM Maturity Assessment to help a client on its CRM journey, and in some cases compare its maturity to “best in class’ or others in their industry. We have our own CRM Maturity tool (see below)

  • Conducting Return on Investment (ROI) and Benefits realisation reviews

  • Software Package selection

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We have our own proprietary tools (also see  Tools and techniques section):

  • K2HC – K2CP’s Healthcheck enables rapid assessment of Projects and Programmes

  • K2DDP – K2CP’s Digital Delivery Platform focuses on the early establishment of delivery best practice

  • K2DA – K2CP’s Delivery Assurance (K2DA) uses the established Governance controls required to certify delivery at each stage of the project life cycle

  • Implementations


On these programmes, we deploy our proprietary K2DF (K2CP’s Delivery Framework)  that has been constructed by a team with over 150 years of consulting experience and over 500 projects and programmes (please see tools and techniques section). This approach is at the heart of our Successful Delivery – Guaranteed.

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