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Tools & Techniques 

K2CP has a number of tools and frameworks that we bring to client engagements that help guarantee success whether we start with a new implementation or help to recover a less than successful implementation with another implementor.

Get It Right First Time...

(K2 Delivery Framework)

K2DF is our proprietary delivery framework that has been pulled together based on 100’s of previous engagements. This is a framework not an over prescriptive methodology, so it allows both the experience of our team members to be used as well as making it easy to integrate 3rd parties that may already be incumbent at a client.  ​

There are many key differentiators to our K2DF that include:

  • all elements of a programme that are needed to make it successful (nothing is left out)

  • a focus on a full process improvement implementation not just a technical delivery

  • implementing standard functionality

  • Our 'Voyage of Discovery' and helping the client team better understand the art of the possible very early in the Programme

  • Embedding independent Delivery Assurance into each programme

  • Embedding change into the client

  • fast realisation of value and benefits, often 30% faster than our competition

  • Having an experienced programme manager leading the team

  • No commercial surprises

  • Our Triangle of Trust

  • Deploying a highly experienced team including local consultants as needed

  • Focusing on what success looks like and the "Champagne Moment"



All this leads us to our track record of zero project and programme failures and every invoice paid in full by our clients.

Successful Delivery – Guaranteed.

  • K2CP’s Digital Delivery Platform (K2DDP) focuses on the early establishment of delivery best practice through the sales process, mobilisation and post-go-live support

  • K2DDP is a platform that enables programmes / projects to be ‘Certified’

  • K2DDP covers all the core programme / project processes, including: governance, mobilisation, planning, resourcing, risk management, change management, programme management, release management

  • Defined and agreed Quality Criteria are key and enable clarity in what is being delivered and whether it meets the standard

Foggy Mountains


  • K2CP’s Delivery Assurance (K2DA) uses the established Governance controls required to certify delivery at each stage of the project life cycle

  • At regular intervals, the progress of each Programme / Project should be checked by an independent authority to ensure that things are actually on track and that an intervention is not required

  • These reviews are baked into the process. Delivery Assurance (DA) time is part of the K2CP offering and is a key part of the success.

  • DA is an independent authority, reporting to Programme governance and to K2CP leadership, NOT through the Programme / Project leadership chain of command


  • K2CP’s Healthcheck (K2HC) enables rapid assessment of programmes and projects

  • Hypothesis based approach is both repeatable and customisable for different customer situations

  • A small, highly experienced team and short duration means no major investment is needed and results are available rapidly

  • The approach is to work with the stakeholders to identify and prioritise the root causes and to come up with solutions that are workable in the client’s organisation, with a focus on immediate action that can be used as part of regular reviews against progress

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