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Mountain Range

Many organisations have started the journey to a cloud operating model, while still retaining many of their on-premise business applications and services. 

K2CP collaborates with our clients to ensure managed services are tailored and focused to support their often changing business requirements. We provide a core foundation support service, complemented by driving and enabling business optimisation. 

One size does not fit all and our managed service framework and subscriptions are not prescriptive in nature, enabling K2CP to:


·      Tailor our services for our clients evolving business context.

·      Flex our support services to align with changes in demand, driven by                            trading, business optimisation or transformation needs.

·      Shape our support services, to optimise both internal customer and external              customer experience, rather than only focus on binary service levels.

Image by Guillaume Briard

We offer our clients three support subscription solutions which are tailored, flexible and customer experience focused:

·      K2SD – K2CP Service Design: K2SD focuses on assessing current service                      maturing, desired service outcomes and establishing a service roadmap /                  transition plan.


·     K2FS – K2CP Foundation Service: K2FS focuses on providing core application               maintenance, service desk and small change services, targeted towards                     optimisation of user experience. 


·     K2ES – K2CP Extended Service: K2ES focuses on providing small project change,       optimisation and automation of business processes, and leveraging the benefits       from cloud solution providers evergreen application roadmaps. 

In providing these services we are able to deploy our onshore, near shore and offshore capabilities as well as our up-and-coming offshore delivery centres. However, consistent with our core value of listenings, we will listen to a clients point of view and any preferences on the use of onshore or offshore. 

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