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To complement our iCRM offering, K2CP has pulled together one of the largest Salesforce teams in Europe with over 2,500 experienced Salesforce consultants. Over 70% of this team are certified, whilst the remaining 30% are also very experienced, with several successful Salesforce implementations under their belts. These 2,500 consultants cover the full range of the Salesforce product suite and most industries, as well as Programme Managers, Change Managers and Industry experts.  

We pride ourselves in being able to pull our teams together quickly and flexibly and especially with our Salesforce consultants. On two occasions we have pulled together highly experienced and industry specific teams rapidly.

  • On one occasion we were asked by an SIO on the Thursday for a team to start on the Monday. The client wanted see the team on the Friday. We delivered the team of 29 Salesforce consultants all with Telecoms experience, within 36 hours, and the assignment was won. 

  • On a second occasion we had a similar scenario  for a team of 15 and we delivered this in under 2 days. Again, the project was won.

Image by Alin Andersen

Like with most of our transformation and improvement programmes, we do not just focus on the technical implementation. We bring elements of our iCRM offering to ensure the client gets significant value fast from their investment. 


Also, as with ERP Programmes, we are able to help our clients with health checks, programme remediation and turnaround, and delivery assurance.

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