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Our Story 

K2CP was set up to provide a real alternative for clients to the traditional consulting firms and System Integrators (SIs). The intent was always to have the scale to take on large implementations, whilst providing a cost model that was highly competitive. In addition, we wanted to build a flexible business model that suited our clients needs in terms of skills, experience, cost and availability, while underpinning the model with a level of trust that many talk about but never achieve.

Mike Hunter


The intention was to build a Business and IT consulting firm that had global reach in terms of delivery, but based on a contractor model rather than an employee model. Why? It is because the level of quality, flexibility, dedication and price point is superior with a contractor based model. Having said that, it is important that our clients understand we are a Business and IT consulting firm that takes full responsibility and liability for all our projects and programmes. We are the contracting entity, we just have a different employment model. 

"What about the Quality?"...

"What about the quality?" we are often asked. Having worked successfully with most business models, our CEO, Mike is very clear that clients get better overall quality and focus from contractors who work within a structured firm like K2CP. Why would this be? If one looks at what motivates a contractor there are 3 key things:


  1. being paid a fair return for the project

  2. working with exciting people and team members you can learn from

  3. working on an exciting programme that is successful.


A client controls all 3 of these. As an alternative, what demotivates an employed consultants:


  1. working on a programme they don't have the skills for but they are available

  2. working away from home again

  3. not getting a pay increase

  4. the annual bonus was less than expected

  5. why didn't I get promoted when x did, etc


None of these are under the clients control.


Our focus has always been on transformation programmes with the business at the centre; we never intended to be a team of programmers or developers. So, we tend to look at all projects and programmes with a business slant to ensure that real value and benefit is delivered. We think out of the box to ensure value is delivered fast. Using Mike's experience as a CFO has been key to this approach; making sure we consider the challenges of approving multi year spend when value and benefits still haven't been delivered. Plus no surprises.

We wanted to use deep industry knowledge so it was important to make sure we have partners who bring this domain expertise across all industries. 

Cormac Watters – Ex International Head and EVP Infor

“I am delighted to add such a great proven partner to the Infor network. Mike and his teams are first class and will add huge talent, experience, and resource into our eco-system. We are honoured they have chosen Infor.”

A Major Analyst 

"K2 Consulting Partners have developed and introduced the first major change in the consulting model in the last 15 years"

Endava CFO

“Excellent, really well done. We have hit our key programme deadline and the level of support post go live / issues identified during the Global Cloud implementation have been minimal – I have not heard of any concerns at all. An excellent job, well done. I am a very happy client” 

Finally, it was important that if the leadership team has so much experience, we should be able to provide solutions to our clients at reasonable cost, and be able to "guarantee"  each project and programmes success and fees. Now with zero project and Programme failures and every invoice paid in full by our clients, we are able to go to market with Successful Delivery - Guaranteed. 

Our Team.

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