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Project & Programme Management 

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K2CP is committed to having experienced and effective Project and Programme Managers (PPM's) for our clients projects and programmes. With over 120 experienced programme managers and 150 business and IT project managers, we have one of the largest talent pools in Europe.

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We believe that managing projects and programmes is a real skill, like being an accountant or lawyer, it is not a role that can be undertaken by anyone. Our PPM's are all very experienced and we make a real differentiation between project management and programme management. Typically, our programme managers have over 25 years of experience, and our project managers range from 10 to 25 years of experience.


Unlike many of our competitors we are happy to engage a PPM that leads a K2CP delivery team, or a single project or Programme manager to help a client without the need for K2CP to sell a large team as well. This is because our model is highly flexible, and we don't carry costs when our consultants are not on fee-paying work. This is unlike many of our competitors. So, we are able to supply very experienced PPM's without the meet for a large K2CP team.

We usually start a conversation with a client who requires a PPM with "what style and type of PPM do you need?' There are many different styles and capabilities required and we discuss with the client about their specific needs.

They may want:


A Strong leadership style 

Table Calendar

A Planner 

Signing a Contract

A Consensus style

Stand-up Meeting

Someone who knows how to start and lead a programme to success 


Someone who is good at a fast turnaround 

It is critical to get this right.

Some of our clients have large portfolios of projects and programmes where they require a flexible partner, like K2CP, to supply short, medium and long-term PPM's for their various projects and programmes. K2CP has an offering we call PMaaS (Project/Programme Management as a Service) that can provide this service very flexibly and cost effectively on a global basis.


Whatever your project or programme management needs, K2CP has a consulting pool that can provide you with the right consultant to make your project or programme a success.

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