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Out of the core values of K2CP, building and maintaining Trust is top of the list. Without Trust any project and/or Programme will be doomed to failure.

K2CP was established with Trust at the core of our values from day 1. It was important that, in setting up the K2CP network, we did not replicate how agencies work, and we needed to differentiate ourselves from other consulting firms and System Integrators (SIs). All our partner firms, who form part of our delivery capability, are well known by the K2CP management team, prior to becoming partners. This is critical so that we maintain our quality and delivery standards when pulling together teams.

Triangle of Trust 

Once we move to a client or prospect situation, we always make it very clear that if trust is not being built during the proposal stage, then the client should seek to work with someone else. During the proposal stage, we start to openly introduce the client/prospect to our proprietary Triangle of Trust. This is the set of relationships that need to be built as the client and K2CP enter into a programme together. In a transformation programme involving an ERP the Triangle of Trust would look like:

Screenshot 2023-12-09 at 14.43.55.png




As the ERP provider is usually already a partner with K2CP, that leg of the trust relationship is well established, the rest needs to be built and maintained. Too often this is taken for granted or left unsaid, which usually means it is not a key focus for all 3 parties. We don't take building and maintaining trust for granted that is why it is a top of the agenda item. 

Once the Programme has started, the trust needs to be built and be maintained by our everyday actions and focus on successful delivery, without focusing on blame - much like in a personal relationship.  Also, Sub-Triangles of Trust start to get established, like:

  • IT, the Business, and the programme team

  • IT, the software /cloud supplier, programme team

  • procurement/finance, K2CP, programme team

All are important and need to be built and maintained. 

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