PMaaS, Project Management as a Service at K2 Consulting Partners.

October 11th, 2019

K2 Consulting Partners is a Business and IT Consulting firm with a unique and innovative Consulting Model that enables us to offer our clients unrivalled value in delivery at significantly lower cost than other providers.

Our scale of over 3,000 consultants in Europe, our unique value model, and our commitment to quality makes us the partner of choice for Project Management as a Service, PMaaS.

Our clients come to us when they:

– struggle to deliver successful projects.

– are not getting value from their agency and contractor market.

– don’t have the correct skills and resources.

– cannot achieve the promised benefits.

We can demonstrate that moving to ‘The K2 PMaaS Model’ improves all of the above and can lead to significant cost benefits.

We invest time in an initial assessment to demonstrate the benefits and cost saving potential of the ‘K2 PMaaS Model’.

To our increasing list of satisfied clients where we are known as their ‘Trusted Delivery Partner’.

To learn more about having K2CP as a `Trusted Delivery Partner’ please email me. Russell Wilkinson, Global Head, Project Management as a Service, K2 Consulting Partners.