Why partners are important?

K2CP was founded on a Partnering model, and it is not by luck that “Partners” is in our company name. It is important to our philosophy that we retain a Partner model for a number of reasons:

  1. Scale – Our intention is to be the largest true business and IT consulting company based on a contractor model in Europe. We can only do this by adopting a Partner model. Scale is not just about numbers of people or consultants, it is about ensuring we have all the core capabilities and competencies that our clients are looking for. In addition we include more specialist experience and capabilities like risk and compliance in banking and insurance and security cleared consultants.
  2. Value – We feel that we can only guarantee our value with a Partner model. This enables us to offer rates at 50% of the competition, whilst also having the ability (unlike most other Associate based companies) to generate and share with our clients, compelling and insightful thought leadership.
  3. Quality – It was important for us to build quality into our structure and not have it as an afterthought. All our Partners are known to our CEO personally and he has worked with them all for between 5 and 25 years. Therefore we know their quality standards and the quality of the work they deliver.

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As well as our 3 core values, it is fundamental that our partnering model demonstrates Flexibility.

We are constantly looking for and adding to our pool of partners to ensure we “plug any gaps” in our capabilities. Our standards are very high, and any new partner must be known by Mike or one of the management team.