K2CP – Trusted Delivery Partner

Typical Customer Concerns How We Address These Concerns
Manage and realistic cost Our rates are significantly lower than our competitors (as we have so few overheads), and we have delivered 100’s of ERP projects on or below cost. We know what the true total cost should be
Benefits realisation and tracking This is a key focus of our delivery plan from day 1, it is not an afterthought. In addition, we ensure that success of benefit delivery is owned by key team members usually the change manager
Delivery on time Our approach is experience and template driven, whilst also using highly experienced project managers under the oversight of our Head of Delivery, who will sit on the project Steering Committee
Knowledge transfer We have a proven, unique approach to knowledge transfer that starts on day 1 leaves a tangible and effective tool at the end of the project
A beginning and an end to the project We start every project by defining what success looks like and ensuring that every project is discrete and not part of everyday operations
Right impact on staff Many of our Associates have been clients as well as consultants and therefore know what it feels like to go through such a project. Plus we also use dedicated and highly experienced change capability
Focus on delivery not “selling on” Unlike our competitors our Associates only get paid when they are working for a client and delivering – this focuses the mindset. They do not get paid for sell ons
Drive and commitment Our Associates have delivered many such projects and as such know how to drive a project to success. Also, as our Associates only earn money when they are delivering they are very focused and committed
Availability of the right skills We have over 3,000 Associates in Europe and 1,00 in India. The attractiveness of the K2CP model means that we are able to add new partner firms as we need to grow our talent pool or add new skills
Knowledge of my business We have dedicated Associates who have spent most of their careers working in their specific sector including having 70 DV and SC cleared Associates. However, we also ensure we engage appropriate client staff in the delivery team
Getting everyone on the same page We have a tried an tested approach that we have used 100’s of times to get disparate parties onto the same page where we also define our goals and objectives