Our Unique Model

The Challenges of the Current Consulting Model

Clients have consistently looked for the best quality consulting teams, using flexible delivery models, at sensible fee rates.  Traditional consulting models are struggling to provide the right price point and scale of their delivery capability without the extensive use of offshore. Profit margins are under pressure and consultants are increasingly being challenged to increase business development, utilisation and thought leadership within an environment of tightening cost control. Today’s model has to change.

“This is the first major change in the consulting delivery model in the last 10 years”

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Client’s Challenges

  • Top quality consultants
  • A sensible fee rate and overall price
  • Access to the best skills
  • Flexible delivery models
  • Delivery of the assignment first NOT just selling on.

Consultant’s Challenges

  • Exciting and rewarding work
  • Flexibility on what work is done, where, hours etc
  • Good rewards and recognition
  • No internal politics
  • Working with other quality consultants.

Client Advantages of working with K2CP

1) Scale – Access to over 3,000 consultants, which creates high availability of core skills and greater flexibility in working arrangement. We have been able to put forward an experienced consultant for every client demand since inception

2) Value – We provide practical solutions tailored to a client’s specific needs whilst also considering what has worked elsewhere. Our price point is often as much as 50% of the major consulting firms and we provide compelling thought leadership from our large pool of experienced talent

3) Quality – Coming from trusted relationships across the K2CP network, experience in the consulting industry, having a focused K2CP Director of Quality.

Consultant Advantages

1) Scale – Working on some of the largest, most exciting assignments where consultants can choose what they work on without being tied to one employer

2) Value – Good rewards and benefits

3) Quality – Focus on delivery and part of a large network of like minded individuals.